1) In this example I am using Firefox. Some of your responses may be different.
    In your web browser location bar type https://ninite.com/
    Ninite is a download service which provides clean, safe, downloads for many useful tools.

2) In the main page area look at the 6th column and find the product you desire and check the box.

3) Click on the get you ninite dialog Box. As seen above.

4) You will now be promoted to save or run the program. You may do either.

5) Once download completes run the file. In Firefox click on the download icon in near the location bar, top right of window. You then will be prompted with the a similar window to the one below.

6) Double click the file, or right click (to generate a context sensitive menu) and choose Run as Administrator. If you receive a Access Control Warning click Yes.

7) Once done click on the OpenOffice or LibreOffice Icon on your desktop.